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Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

At Cinema

At the Cinema i guess it has to be entertaining, But now.. X!!! (Big NO)
At Saturday 26 March 2011 I go to a Cinema with my mom and my lil’sis we going to watch a movie call ‘Cinderella’ (indonesia version) but it was sold out! (of course!, the cinema was givin free ticket for the people).
And then my mom suggest why don’t we watch this movie? ( Call ‘ Anak Seribu Pulau’ A Thousand Island Child)
I just nood. Because if i goes to Cinema i can buy a food (I really happy to see food). But my emotion from :) to :( because i cannot eat or had a food there… Well.. now im sick i can’t have a snack yet.. :( that’s make me sad, mad, and angry.

And there’s one thing too that’s make me angry. A person is watching a movie with there feet off and in up chair!. That’s make me annoy! UGHHH what an annoy day. But at the end.. Im cheer up with The Sims 3 :D

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