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Minggu, 24 April 2011

My Adventure on Cipanas, Puncak

Day 1 , Friday 22 April 2011

I woke up in 05.30 in the morning. I bath, eat, and prepare thing as quick as i can. And at 07 o'clock am we get on the road. The planning for today is me, my mother, my father, my little sister, my 18 cousin, my 3 uncle, my 3 aunt, and my niece are going to stay at Cipanas, Puncak (Indonesia) for 3 days.. *YEY!!*
We live at Villa. It's cozy, cold, but fun. There are 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 2 living room in the villa.

I really really can't wait to go to Cipanas and see what happens there. But there just one problem. Yesterday (Thursday) i had an accident.. my left leg is wound motorcycle exhaust. So it's hurts but that's ok..
I arrive at the villa in 10 o'clock. Nobody arrived except me, my mother, my father, and my little sister. We wait for about 5 hours. Than at 3 o'clock pm. My cousin from Tebet is arrived. There was aunt Titiek, Laksmi, Wahyu, Harry,Kay,Eta, and Kiki.
I was so happy to see them again after 2 weeks long time no see..

I was playing, cooking, and eating with them. In about 9 or 10 o'clock pm my another cousin from Tangerang has arrived. There was Dinda, Sasha, Agung, aunt Yudith, uncle Tono, Rini, and my niece Kinan.
I was happy to greet them.. Specially Kinan...
I was on until 1 am.

Day 2, Saturday 23 April 2011

I woke up early again in about 6 am. I was walking + Jogging with Rini, Sasha, my little sister Khaira, and my niece Kinan. We see many house, villa, and swimming pool. We back to the Villa again at 8 am. We quickly breakfast, after breakfast im going to play badminton with Hari, Sasha, and Agung. It was a lot of fun..

In 04.30 pm Me, My mother, Dinda, Eta, My little Sister, Kiki, Harry, and Agung are going to Taman Bunga Nusantara (National Flower Park). But at the road there a traffic problem.. And we arrived in 05 o'clock pm. Suddenly when we are about to have an adventure in Taman Bunga Nusantara, It Raining. I feel so bad for Eta because she never see Taman Bunga Nusantara but.. She see a bit.

After i go to Taman Bunga Nusantara i quickly going back to the villa. We quickly been greet by my cousin from Cibinong (Shirley, Anggi, aunt Dhina, and Uncle Joy). In 12 o'clock am everybody still wake up.. But they all were really exosting. So we have a little Steak party!.

Day 3, Sunday 24 April 2011

It was really sad to leaving this villa with a bunch of memories. But we must go.. In 07 o'clock i wake up and quickly going to bath. At the evening we take a pictures at the villa. at 2 o'clock pm. We going to 'Telaga Warna', It's a park too but kind of diffrents. There's a lot of monkey's, and fun. Harry, Agung, Anggi, Shirley, Dinda, Me, and Sasha are playing Flying Fox. It was dangerous.. why.? because we play flying fox and the bottom is the long lake of Telaga Warna! But it was fun too..

In the afternoon, after playing flying fox we going to eat at Rindu Alam Restaurant. The Food was tasty. Than after that.. in a sad mood.. we have to leave Cipanas and all my family. Im back at my house in 7 o'clock pm.
It was a nice experience and adventure for me.


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