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Jumat, 29 April 2011

My Song Story

While Justin Bieber go to 'Omaha Mall', Mike Posner say 'Please don't go'. Jason Derulo shout 'In My Head' 5 Times because in his mind he think Taio Cruz gonna blow 'Dynamite'. And Rihanna who lost her mind ask ' Whats My Name'. At the night Katy Perry throw a 'Firework' Party. Avril Lavigne just say 'What The Hell', Willow Smith is 'Whip her hair' back and forth, and Selena Gomez is 'Falling Down' the stairs.

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull are dancing 'On The Floor'. Black Eyed Peas join in too so they forgot 'The Time'. Nicky Minaj and 'Check it out' The Food. Bruno Mars just throw a 'Grenade'. Than Nelly woke up and say it was 'Just A Dream'

:D i hope you like it.. :)

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