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Jumat, 08 April 2011

A Story about a boy and a girl (romantic)

Girl: "Hey!.. i heard you broke up with Nathaline this evening?"
Boy : "Yeah.."
Girl: "Why? you broke up with her?"
Boy : "Why do u ask..?"
Girl: "...Well.. because she got.. the face, your type, and... talent?"
Boy : "Nah... why did u say that? you hate her?"
Girl: "......"
Boy : "Ehehehe.. so what are u doing?"
Girl: "Texting with you?"
Boy : "I know that.. other than that"
Girl: "Studying.."
Boy : "For what?"
Girl: "I got a test tommorow.. "
Boy : "Oh.. well good luck!"
Girl: "Thanks!.., umm.. i want to ask u"
Boy : "What is it?"
Girl: "What is love?"
Boy : "Love is a feeling for boy and girl..., like i do now.."
Girl: "Ohh.., If i leave you will you cry?"
Boy : "No.."
Girl: *the girl starts crying*
Boy : "If you leave me i don't cry i gonna die"


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