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Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

BAD Dream

Yesterday night... i dream my close friend 'Fira' and my mom is MISSING. They have been kidnapped by the bad guys.
The story happens.., well i don't know why it happens and the ending.. But the part of story that i remember is me, my mom and my friend is going to the little mosque, i prepare the stuff.. I thought my friend and my mom are going to toilet somewhere.. But they missing. I hear a screaming through walls.. I look it up its my mom and my friend!!.. I really shock!. I want to help them but i can't it just me my own.. i don't have enough power to fight those bad guys.

Thank God.., There are my friends there, i ask them to look for my mom, and fira, and ready to fight.. When my friends look for my mom and my friend (?). I ran to my house and tell everyone that my mom and my friend fira.. has been kidnapped..
Well, just that.. i don't know how the story goes on again.

But i tell you when i was woke up in the morning i cry and hug my mom.. i say to my mom "Your not been kidnapped right??"

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