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Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

My Random Best Chick Flicks

SO GUYS! Probably you don't know this but i love Chick Flicks movie. I think its just fun watching chick flicks. Especially if it has drama and comedy. Okay so here's a list of my best (from what i think) chick flicks movie. I already watch them all. And if you love a good chick flicks movie then maybe you could watch this one.

The Clique
Rich girl. Cousin. New School. Fashion. Boys. This movie is predictable in my opinion. But it still good you know.
BEST : I think the best part is when Claire and Massie is finally understand each other, and The Clique also respect Claire :)

Mean Girls
This movie is totally fetch! Its like the best 2009 movie ever.
Especially there's Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried.
Its about a new girl on a new school finding the right friend.
Don't know why the most popular group in the school want to be her friend (the new girl)
and blablabla.. (i can't tell you further or it will be a spoiler!)
BEST: When Regina got really fat and finally get her own medicine!
YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US. Because your wearing sweats. Haha.

Mean Girls 2
It's not the continues film from Mean Girls. Mean Girls 2 is back but with different
characters and different story. But i think Mean Girls (the first) is still the best!
BEST: Jo is finally giving up. But her friend stood up for her and help her
to get the evidence back! That is what bestfriend do you know :)

Beauty & The Briefcase
Hillary Duff! One of my favorite actor and singer.
This movie is about Lane (Hillary Duff) got an assigment from her favorite magazine 'Cosmopolitan' that is to go find an undercover story. That story is finding 'magic man' in a business world. She has one week. But well there's a twist and all of that stuff. It's a really good movie
BEST: When Lane finally realize that her magic man was the opposite of all.

Teen Spirit
It's about a popular, selfish, mean girl name Amber who are really into homecoming.
But things doesn't get right. She get electrocuted and died. If she wanted to go to heaven she must fulfill a task and that is to help the not-really popular girl ( Lisa) win Homecoming Queen.
BEST: When Amber finally realize she is a total btch. Hahaha.

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