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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2015

My Kind of Guy

Ahh... My kind of guy. Well this would be posted as ideal type as well. My kind of guy = Ideal type. I think i'm watching drama's and romantic movies too much that this type of guy wouldn't actually appear in real life. But i hope it does, lol.

The looks of my kind of guy or the turn on is must be taller then me, looks like sungyeol, (i don't know but i personally really like) just the look of a boy who wear short sleeves, and then put a headphones in the ear or resting in the shoulder. It's just ^_^. And also i really like when boys wear like checkered long sleeves shirt or just wear a basketball jacket. Its a turn on i think (Well for me). Also like it when they look good on glasses, always have this turn on to boys who wear glasses. 

^ Well look at this pretty boy right here. Just like my type. lol.
The turn off? Hmm.. don't know.. but i just don't like it when he is snobby, like to smoke, or drinking wine/beer.
It will be a big turn on too if he was a kind …