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Sabtu, 07 Februari 2015

My Kind of Guy

Ahh... My kind of guy. Well this would be posted as ideal type as well. My kind of guy = Ideal type. I think i'm watching drama's and romantic movies too much that this type of guy wouldn't actually appear in real life. But i hope it does, lol.

The looks of my kind of guy or the turn on is must be taller then me, looks like sungyeol, (i don't know but i personally really like) just the look of a boy who wear short sleeves, and then put a headphones in the ear or resting in the shoulder. It's just ^_^. And also i really like when boys wear like checkered long sleeves shirt or just wear a basketball jacket. Its a turn on i think (Well for me). Also like it when they look good on glasses, always have this turn on to boys who wear glasses. 

^ Well look at this pretty boy right here. Just like my type. lol.

The turn off? Hmm.. don't know.. but i just don't like it when he is snobby, like to smoke, or drinking wine/beer.

It will be a big turn on too if he was a kind of shy cute guy. Also a bonus turn on if he was a mysterious kind of guy. He is strong but also got that gentle heart on his side too. To the point is that i always admire a guy who is shy + mysterious yet when you already becoming close to him you see the part you never see. Like he got so many secrets that only both of us know. 괴 옆 타 <3

Well i guess my kind of guy would only lead to....


Anime or drama's character guy (mek, I'm so lonely. lol).

My kind of guy have to love me <3
My kind of guy have to love Allah swt
My kind of guy have to love his family and also my family
My kind of guy have to care about me and 100% accepting me for who i am.

That's all it matter. :)

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