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Senin, 28 November 2016

The Little Thing He Does

We as a woman love to accept affection and wanting more attention from our loved ones, but sometimes forgot what our partner do. All the little thing also matter.
This is all the little action he does that also important and such a cute gestures (featuring my oh-so-handsome Ha Suk Jin 💘😛😍 )


1. When he smiled at you brightly

 2. When he still love you even in your worst time 😱

3. When he help you even though it is tough (or he is in a lazy mood)

4. Trying so hard to achieve something for both of us. 💖💖💓

5. When he says all the cuteeee and sweet things to us (even though sometime he is embarrased) 🙈🙈

6. That feeling of comfortness and safeness hugging the one you loved cannot be bought.

7. When he make time just to plan a suprise for you and make it happened.

8. Talking and asking about your day or how are your feelings 😉😁


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