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13 Reasons Why

So i heard this ALLLL OVER THE INTERNET about this Tv-Series sensation '13 Reasons Why'.
If you don't know what is that, it's a Tv Series about a girl name Hannah Baker who ended her own life and before she ended it she record with a tape about 13 reason why she kill herself or 13 reason that makes her kill herself. 13 Reasons Why are actually a book by Jay Asher, and the producer for this Netflix Tv-Series are Selena Gomez.

( Hannah Baker right, Clay Jensen left)


As i watch this tv series alongside with my friend. We just sit there and watch the whole series in just 1 and a half days. It's a realistic, explicit, hard, and dark story for me. As it's bringing up a suicide & bullying story but with a fresh actor, plot, and style. The only dangerous thing are, IF you are not in your positive mind or vibe or you still can't control yourself and don't know whats right and whats wrong this tv series might trigger you. Trigger you to something not good.

And that is suicide itself. Just because you feel you resemble Hannah Baker and you know how it feels, how she been through and how you been through doesn't mean what Hannah Baker do was right. So don't get yourself trigger. Relax, have a positive mind, laugh more before you enjoy this series.


Hannah Baker : A chill,friendly and open minded girl who seems to always revolve in a drama starring herself as the main character and is very very lonely. That typical girl who always got pick on but she still cool with it even though in the inside, she is not.

Clay Jensen  : A wallflower, for me he's not really that shy and not really that friendly but he is chill. He's awkward but helpful. Having trouble speaks up about what in his mind. A baby rebel.

Tony Padilla  : A helpful and wise friend. Less stupid thing he does. He is not on Hannah's list/tape.

Justin Foley  : The popular jocks who have anger issues and still doesn't know whats right and whats wrong. Bryce shadow/minions.

Jessica Davis  : The 'It' girl. Average. Friendly and are loyal to her friends but get caught up in a misunderstanding pretty bad. After alcohol and stuff she have mental issues and stuff.

Alex Standall  : Doesn't really care what people think he is. A very chill and laid back guy. He do dumb stuff for being popular but very truthful and honest. Speaks what in his mind. Accept that he did wrong.

Courtney Chrimson: Good girl on the outside (like she wants people to believe) but a broken swing set on a lonely playground. Smart but not wise. Keep on denying the truth and scared because she knows she is wrong.

Marcus Cole  : The school student council president who do anything to keep his 'perfect' reputation. Want to be wise , act like he is wise, but actually he are not. Got many bad influence from his friends. Bryce minions.

Zach Dempsey : A decent guy. He is a jerk with his friends but soft when alone. I actually don't know why he is on Hannah tape. I know she is upset but girl... He got feelings too probably he is too sensitive about it because you yell at him when he 'tried' to help and confess.

Sheri Holland   : I don't know why she is on Hannah tape either. She is a good and friendly cheerleader. Confused on what she should do to make up for her mistakes. But at least she's trying.

Tyler Down    : An awkward kid who want's to be popular. A stalker. Hiding behind his lenses.

Ryan Shaver    : An arrogant snoobish dude. Poetic but still let go of your ego, geez.

Jeff Atkins   : He is not on Hannah list/tape but... JEFF DESERVES BETTER!

Mr Porter    : A counselor at school. He's just trying to help but still doesn't really get the new generation kids thats why he struggle so much. In the middle of school and students thats why sometimes he didn't know what to do. 

Bryce Walker   : Last but not least, we have the captain of the school. The king of them all with bunch of minions around. Snoobish, egoistic, a really chill guy more like too chill, got power because of money. Feel like every girl wants to date him (Well not genius).

Still there are bunch of character on 13 reasons why. Let me know if i miss your favorite character.



I don't need to recommend this because some of you might watch it because of what people say on the Internet. "this is such a heartbreaking series" "I want season 2 " "13 reasons why is the best" "Jeff atkins deserve better!". I don't really say this series is the best, but it is good.
Also people don't forget that the first reason why Selena wants to produce this and why this 13 reason why became a tv series is that they want to show the audience what we should do to prevent suicide, we have to be nice and help each other, also a reminder and caution for parents, and then for the one who's going hard time and think about suicide like Hannah. Your not alone, you will get through this eventually.

Rather than suicide why not start fresh like cut your hair, move to another city, or even move to another country where people don't know you. Even criminals can do it, so why can't you? . Start fresh be the better improvement you. Don't let just some kid who keeps on making you upset keep bullying you be the reason your killing yourself.

I in someway resemble Hannah. I try to be a nice, friendly, helpful friend i even help some of my friends cases when they got trouble but in the end it's me who get trouble and get help. While my friend? after cleaning their mess their gone not helping me cleaning up my mess because of them.
I get depression, anxiety, an loneliness. There are times when i can't even smile like it's too hard for me to do. I got bunch of groups on social media who hate me who even call their group "Haters of Nadhira". And yes, i'm not lying that's true. But you know what things get better.

If you keep on having negative things on your mind that will be your life, but if you try to have and be positive on your mind and soul that would be your life too. So choose.

Today. You got a bad day, you got 1000 pages of why you hate things, why you hate this day, why you hate yourself. Don't focus on that. Focus on that 1 tiny thing that made you happy today. Maybe there's a little girl smilling at you, or you got free donuts. Happiness are there with you, but you just doesn't see it.


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