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Menampilkan postingan dari Juli, 2017

Accept that not every friend will last.

Since childhood seeing a long life best friends on movies or film i was inspired and envy by them. Take an example like Totally spies, the very first english cartoon that i watch and always watch throughout my childhood. Alex, Sam and Clover are the main characters and they've been best friends since elementary school and were inseparable. I want to have a relationship like them a very good friendship relationship that last long.
Just imagining i'm still with my elementary school friends throughout college and we mostly knew about each other, even though our school are separated we often calls or text, they're loyal, when they're sad i come to them vice versa.

Until know i still trying to maintain my friendship with the people who i called 'Best Friend' and even though it's hard i still try my hardest to maintain it. Maintaining a friendship is almost the same as maintaining a relationship. Some will get bored, some will always reject every hangout that i …